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The photo files are large might take some time to load. After the photo slide
show is completed they will  render at a faster speed.

The photo slide show will play automatically. The transition between photo
are 4 seconds. You can change the duration by click onto the arrow
symbols to the left and right of the countdown numbers. Click on the left will
decrease the time and clicking onto the right will increase the duration.

To manually go through the photos click onto the pause you then can set
the pace of the photos.  When you click onto the pause button a symbol
with arrows pointing in  4 direction. When you click onto that symbol you
can increase the size of the photo.

If you would like a digital copy of the photo just go to  contacts and enter
which photo you would like. Use the number in the upper left of the photo.
                     Click onto the link below to view:
         Clam Bake 2014 Photos