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Local 211 Election  2019  Nomination Petition
Election Rules
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Election Notice

Local 211 Nomination Petition
For this petition to be valid, the candidate must sign the petition indicating his or her willingness to accept the nomination.

I, the undersigned, declare that I am willing to be nominated and willing to serve, if elected, to the office of
_____________________________ of NABET-CWA Local 211.
               (NABET-CWA Local 211 office candidate is running for)

___________________________________                          _______________________
Signature                                                        Date

We, the undersigned members of NABET-CWA Local 211 nominate ________________________, for the office of
                                                                .(Candidate name)                                       
(NABET-CWA Local 211 Office)
* By Virtue of their election the local officers shall represent Local 211 as delegates, alternates or observers at the NABET-CWA
Constitutional Convention, CWA Constitutional Convention or the Regional Advisory Board Meetings.  The President shall be the
1st delegate, the Treasurer will be the 2nd delegate.  In the case that the President or Treasurer are not able to attend, the Vice
President and Secretary will be the delegates.

Printed or typed name                        Signature                         Date





* 2 signatures are required for Production/News/Operations/Engineering stewards from your local classification units ONLY that are
members in good standing.

* 2 signatures are required for Chief Stewards within your local bargaining units that are members in good standing.

* 5 signatures are required for the offices of Local President, Local VP, Local Treasurer or Local Secretary of the local that are
members in good standing.  

All forms must be returned to the Election committee BEFORE
May 28, 2019

NABET-CWA Local 211 Members who wish to run for election as one of the following offices listed below may obtain nominating
petitions from the NABET-CWA Local Elections Committee or download it at the NABET211.ORG website.  
http://www.nabet211.org   Petitions MUST BE returned before May 28, 2019.  Offices up for election in 2019:

Local President, Local Secretary, News Stewards WSTM/WSTQ and WSYR, Engineering Steward WSTM/WSTQ AND WSYR.

Candidates must be active NABET-CWA Local 211 members in good standing (as listed below) for at least three (3) years
immediately preceding nomination for Local President, Local VP, Local Treasurer, Local Secretary, WSYR Chief Steward and
WSTM/WSTQ/WTVH Chief Steward.  Candidates for WSYR Production Steward, WSYR News Steward, WSYR Engineering
Steward & WSTM/WSTQ Operations Steward & WSTM/WSTQ News Steward must be active NABET-CWA Local 211 members in
good standing (as listed below) for at least one (1) year immediately preceding nomination.  Nomination procedures are specified
in Article VI of the NABET-CWA Local By-Laws Effective July 2016.  Candidates running for Local President, Local VP, Local
Treasurer or Local Secretary must receive five(5) signatures from members of the local in good standing.   Candidates running for
Chief Steward of their respective bargaining unit must receive two (2) signatures from their bargaining unit from members of the
local in good standing.   Candidates running for Production/Engineering/News/Operations steward must receive two (2) signatures
from ONLY members of their classification unit who are members in good standing.  

Each nomination must be made by petition signed by no fewer than the amount listed on the candidate petition determined by the
office a candidate is running for.  All signatures must be members in good standing and signed by the candidate to signify
acceptance of the nomination.

In the event that two or more candidates are nominated for an office, voting will be conducted by U.S. Mail as outlined in Article VII
of the NABET-CWA Local 211 Local By-Laws Effective June 2016.   The ballots will be mailed out June 4, 2018 to all active
members in good standing to their mailing address on file with the Local.  Members will have at least 15 days to return their ballots
to a P.O. Box designated by the Election Committee.   Ballots will be counted no later than (5) five days after ballots are due.  
Ballots received after the due date, but prior to the tabulation of results by the elections committee shall not be counted.

A member will be considered in good standing if he or she has signed a dues check-off form or has paid all dues and any
assessments or fines through April 30, 2019 and if these payments have been received by NABET-CWA Local 211 by May 13,

In the event that any local office up for election is uncontested, the single nominee shall be declared elected, and there shall be no
secret ballot by U.S. mail.

Nomination petitions MUST be returned to an Election Committee member BEFORE May 29, 2019 to be eligible to run for elected
office.  Candidates who are elected will begin a 3-year term on the NABET-CWA Local 211 Executive Board starting October 1,
2018 & after this election has been certified by the elections committee.

NABET-CWA Local 211 Election Committee Members for 2019 are:  Ed Jones, Chairperson
Scott Murfitt, Steve Stoeckel, Mark Maxwell,

Received by ________________________    Date ___________   Time_________