Dear Local 211 Members,

Recently the NABET-CWA Sector launched a national training initiative by
purchasing a number of premier user licenses from the on-line service As part of this initiative, Local 211 has been allocated ten
licenses for use by members in good standing on a first-come, first-served
rotating basis. These training licenses have been made available, and are
being administered through NABET-CWA's Task force on Technology and
Training, at no additional cost to you or to Local 211.

Please make the most of this opportunity. To register for a spot in the Local
211 rotation, all you have to do is send an e-mail to: your
VP or Treasure In
order to confirm your membership status, you must include your full name
station  in the e-mail.

Depending on availability, you will either be placed into a license seat
immediately, or you will be placed on the waiting list. Each of the five seats
will rotate to a new user after two weeks. During your user period, you will
have access to 450+ training courses utilizing 30,000+ QuickTime videos.
Training can be done in a self-paced learning environment from any
computer with an Internet connection. Each course is broken down into
modular videos that teach specifics for such applications as Apple Final Cut
Pro, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Avid Express,
and Avid Pro Tools, just to name a few. New training courses are added
weekly to the course listing as well.

By the way, as part of this partnership, has posted a special web
page at Please visit this site for more
information about the latest course offerings and special NABET-CWA
member-only discounts.

In closing, on behalf of NABET-CWA President John Clark, and my
colleagues on both the Sector Executive Council and on the Sector
Taskforce on Technology and Training, thank you for taking the time to
participate in this program. When you have completed your user term, I am
sure that you will agree that this partnership with is providing a
vital service to you and all NABET-CWA members.

Jim Joyce
Sector Vice President
and Chairman, NABET-CWA Taskforce on Technology and Training.
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