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October 1, 2013
In a big victory for NABET-CWA members at NBC Universal, the National Labor Relations
Board has rejected management's attempt to slash the wages, benefits and bargaining
rights of about 100 photographers, editors and writers by reclassifying them as "content

The decision was issued by the three-member Democratic majority on the NLRB. "This
shows the value of having a fully functioning, five-member NLRB. CWA and our coalition
partners made that possible," said CWA President Larry Cohen.

NABET-CWA President Jim Joyce said the NLRB decision means that NBC workers and their
families finally are getting justice. "NBC must restore the wages, benefits and bargaining
rights that these workers lost. It's a great day for fairness."

Joyce noted that CWA's work to have a fully-functioning Board confirmed by the U.S. Senate
means that "the NLRB is now back to issuing important decisions and giving workers a path
to justice."

Two years ago, the NLRB's Region 2 ordered NBC to restore the bargaining rights of the
workers it tried to reclassify into non-union jobs.

Testimony at the Region 2 Board hearing made clear that while the job title of "content
producer" was new, the work performed by these employees wasn't; employees were
continuing their regular work. The decision affects NABET-CWA members who lost their
bargaining rights as well as new employees hired as "content producers."

The decision cannot be appealed beyond the full NLRB.
NLRB Restores Rights to NBC Content Producers