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Jan 10, 2014
As the old year was ringing-out on New Year’s Eve, justice was ringing-in in Los Angeles
as the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against FOX-TV for unlawfully
implementing terms and conditions of employment at KTTV. This implementation
included unlawfully reducing wages and other benefits for Local 53 members working
under the Engineering Agreement at that station.

The December 31, 2013 complaint, issued by Region 31’s Regional Director, Mori Pam
Rubin, cites:
•        On July 15, 2013, KTTV unilaterally changed employees’ terms and conditions of
employment by implementing specified proposals from the Company’s November 26,
2012 Package Proposal.
•        That KTTV did so without first bargaining with NABET-CWA to an overall good-
faith impasse in negotiations.
•        As a result of KTTV’s conduct, Local 53 members suffered a loss of wages and
other benefits.
•        KTTV has been failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith with
•        As part of the remedy, the NLRB General Counsel seeks an Order requiring back
pay and also the reimbursement of amounts equal to the difference in taxes owed upon
receipt of a lump-sum back pay payment and taxes that would have been owed had
KTTV not unilaterally implemented its Package Proposals.

The NLRB is requiring FOX-TV to file an answer to the Complaint by January 14th and
has set a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge for March 10, 2014 in Los
Angeles. Local 53 has been in negotiations for the Engineering Agreement and the
News Department Agreement since 2012. Members have twice voted down offers from
KTTV because Company proposals have sought deep cutting concessions on wages
from staff and daily hires, vacation entitlement, and paid meal periods from members
working there. KTTV has also implemented removing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
as a holiday.

You can read the full NLRB Complaint by clicking

You can also show your support for Local 53 members working at KTTV by clicking
or go to the “Turn Off FOX 11” Facebook page.

The Signal: January 10, 2014
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